• AI driven, predictive diagnosis and analytics
    to enable the best healthcare decisions and allowing
    more personalized care solutions to each individual.
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    Intelligent Healthcare Platform - EMR, HIS, Telehealth
    Integrated Pharmacy and LIMS.
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    Specialty based custom care management templates
    for efficient and more accurate results.
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    for the most trusted and highly rated cloud
    based solutions, choose sanela health

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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers

Deliver exceptional care while staying ahead of industry changes. Provide efficient care while easily documenting.

AI driven direct-to-patient healthcare services through trusted, intelligent and secured platforms – Telehealth, Homecare Services, Chronic Disease Management, and Predictive Diagnostics.

Productivity Tools for providers – Practice Management, In-person and virtual consultations, EMR, Integrated Pharmacy and Laboratory solutions.

Customer Support – Exceptional customer support, tailored to every organization based on its requirements.

Our Solutions

You can find general information about our solutions, as well as other helpful tips.

Electronic Medical Records

Secured and reliable patient health and vital records at one place for better and faster clinical decisions


An advanced, modern and reliable HMS to meet all Technical, Financial and Organizational requirements of your Hospital


Easily customizable and adaptable LIMS to the needs of the nature of laboratory work carried out in your facility.


Higly secure pharmacy software to provide you the best in class technological support to run your pharmacy.


Secure cloud based clinic system with features like Appointments, Billing, Consultations and Reports.

Patient Portal

One place for patients to get all their reports, prescriptions and get health insights to live a healthy life.

Mobile Applications

With our mobile first strategy, we enable doctors and patients alike with efficient practice and health management.


An advanced, modern, reliable and integrated System to meet all your organizational requirements of your Dental Clinic

Features & Design Principles

Deliver exceptional care while staying ahead of industry changes. Provide efficient care while easily documenting.

Efficient Practice Management

Our proprietary speech-to-text dictation products and automatic conversion of scribbled notes makes practice management very efficient for care providers.

Improve Care Coordination

Our integrated tools and AI enabled solutions provide care coordination a breeze. Our data-centric applications make it easy for all the departments analyze and make right decision at every stage of care delivery.

Make documentation much easier

Our well thought out and intuitive user interfaces help document visit notes much easier. Our speech-to-text and scribble-to-text technologies help document more efficiently.

Practice on the go

Our integrated EMR along with our mobile applications and tele-medicine solutions enable care providers to practice on the go.

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